Outpatient Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Programs Exclusively for Seniors…

The Cedar Crest Outpatient Rehabilitation and Wellness Center provides comprehensive therapy services specifically designed to improve the functional independence of the older adult. We offer individualized Physical, Occupational, Speech and Massage Therapy, as well as 8 week classes in:

Osteoporosis: an exercise group designed especially for individuals with osteoporosis or osteopenia. This exercise group meets 1 day per week for an 8 week program, held 3 times a year, and is a Medicare covered program

Balance/Falls Class: balance and falls prevention is the focus of this group. The exercise group meets 2 times per week for an 8 week session and is a Medicare covered program

Parkinson’s Group: Co-Lead by Physical Therapy and a Fitness Specialist; 8 week session, 1 hour duration. It is a private class with a fee of $75.00. The curriculum includes education on safety awareness and safe guidelines for exercise, sitting and standing therapeutic exercise for AROM and strengthening, postural training as well as gait and balance training.

Research indicates that the correct type of rehabilitation for seniors including resistance, or muscular training helps maintain functional abilities, has been shown to help decrease the amount of falls and resulting injuries, and improves quality of life by increasing independence.

Additional specialized Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs include:

Orthopedic Management Low Vision Aquatic Therapy Total Joint Replacement Services Lymphedema
Vestibular Evaluation & Treatment Arthritis Managment Pelvic Health/Urinary Incontinence Personal Training Fall Risk Screening