Business Office/Finance

Our Business Office at Continuing Care is an extension of our Campus Finance Department reporting directly to our Finance Director, Donna Martin. In an effort to more efficiently serve our residents in Continuing Care, my office is located directly off the Lobby of Continuing Care.

The Business Office is the point of contact for Spend Down needs, Medicaid application filings, Long Term Care claims, Insurance questions, and all other related Financial matters.

Commonly asked questions for the Business Office:

  • 1) What day of the month are Resident Statements mailed? Resident statements are received by our office on the 6th Business Day of each month and are mailed by the following morning.

  • 2) When do I apply for Spend Down of my Entrance Deposit? Application for spend down is typically done at the point that the Resident’s assets outside of their Entrance Deposit reach the $50K point.

  • 3) How does ACH/Direct Debit work? ACH is a Direct Debit from a Bank Account, designated by the resident, for the amount of their monthly statement. Attached is the ACH schedule of withdrawals dates. Residents will receive their normal monthly statement and if satisfied with the amount due, they don’t have to do anything further and the payment will be deducted as per the ACH calendar. If there is a dispute on the statement, the resident has roughly 10 days to contact the Finance Department and the Withdrawal amount can be adjusted accordingly.

    Please feel free to contact me directly for any information needed at (973) 831-3549.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Nancy B Boralsky
Business Office Manager

Automatic Payment Calendar

Payments for residents enrolled in the Automatic Payment Program offered here at Cedar Crest will be taken on the dates listed on this link.  Should you have any questions in regards to this sheet, feel free to contact Nancy! 

Spend Down Application pdf

This link provides you with the Entrance Deposit Spend Down application.  Should you have any questions on how to fill this out, please let Nancy know!

Direct Debit Setup Form

This link provides you with the Authorization Agreement for Pre-Authorized payments form.  Should you have any questions on how to fill this out, please let Nancy know!