Medical Center

Office Hours Location Quick Contact
Monday – Friday Village Square Phone: (973) 831-3540
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM 1st Floor Fax: (973) 831-3503

Cedar Crest’s on-site Medical Center provides a convenient location, prompt service, and personalized medical care. To register with the Medial Center and to schedule an appointment, please call us at 973-831-3540 or stop by. Our providers are on call 24/7 and can be reached after hours for medical emergencies by contacting the clubhouse communications representative or by our security team as needed. Meet your Cedar Crest Medical Providers.

Care Path Program
  • The Care Path Program offers the opportunity to have a health care provider at the Medical Center even if you have decided to continue to use an outside primary care physician. We deeply respect your decision to do so and want to do all we can to facilitate your care on campus. By joining this program and coming to the Medical Center for an appointment with one of our outstanding Providers at least once a year, you will avail yourself of a number of important opportunities. Visit the Care Path Page for more information.
Labratory Services
  • Most blood work can be drawn in the Medical Center’s on-site lab which is sent to Labcorp for analysis. Blood work prescriptions from any physician can be processed through the lab and results will be sent directly to the ordering physician from Labcorp, You may even use these services if you are not a patient at the Medical Center. To schedule an appointment for lab services please bring your blood work prescription to the Medical Center.
Flu Vaccines
  • Flu vaccination clinics are sponsored by the Medical Center on an annual basis and open to all residents of Cedar Crest. Flu clinics are held in each of the three clubhouses and can also be received in the Medical Center during your regularly scheduled office visit.
Sub-Specialty Medical Suite
  • We have several local specialists who see patients in our on-site Medical Specialty Suite, which is located on the first floor of the Mill Creek residential building. Hours and days of operation vary depending on the individual specialty provider. Please see our sub-specialist provider listing below for more information and contact their offices directly to make an appointment. Make sure to tell them you wish to be seen at Cedar Crest.

Click here for a list of specialists and their contact information.