Programming & Community Resources


“At Cedar Crest we share our gifts to create a community that celebrates life.” The essence of this motto is found in every group, club, and organization that our residents create and participate in.  By sharing their interests, dreams, talents, and life experiences, residents learn and grow as a community. The guidebook below lists both the resident-developed and staff-run groups, clubs, and organizations that are active in the Cedar Crest community.

Many titles have a brief description of the group and the activities and events that they engage in. All of them have the name and phone number of the leader as presently known.  Feel free to call the contacts listed with any questions you may have.

If you think a group sounds interesting or exciting, you are invited to find out more by contacting the group leader or a Community Resources staff member.

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At Cedar Crest we always welcome the development of new groups, clubs, and organizations. If you are interested in starting a new group activity, you should contact a Community Resources Coordinator, who will determine whether the proposal is feasible and does not duplicate any existing group or activity. Once a new group is approved by a Community Resources Coordinator, the resident will become the main contact person for that group. With the assistance of the Community Resources Department, the resident becomes responsible for group promotion, scheduling, room set-up, and equipment needs.


Cedar Crest has four bulletin boards—two in Village Square, one in The Belmont, and one in Woodland Commons—where residents can find information regarding Cedar Crest activities and events. All flyers should be submitted to Community Resources for approval and initialing.  If assistance in preparing a flyer is needed, contact any of the Community Resources Coordinators. Group flyers must be initialed by Community Resources, or they will not be posted on the bulletin boards. Only the Bulletin Board Committee Members may post flyers on the boards.  If a resident posts a flyer without prior approval, that flyer will be removed. Please provide nine copies of the group’s flyer to any of the Community Resources Coordinators. Once Community Resources receives your flyer, it will be initialed, submitted to Channel 6, and posted on all four bulletin boards as soon as possible.

If any circumstances pertaining to your group’s activity have changed – e.g., a meeting or event is cancelled or its date has changed, an event is sold out, or requests for food, clothing, glasses, wool, etc., have been filled – please inform Community Resources as soon as possible so that bulletin boards and Channel 6 can be updated.

Contact Information:

Amy Wagener, Community Resources Manager
Resident Life Suite, The Belmont, Second Floor
Telephone: 973-831-3636

Kelli Daood, Community Resources Coordinator
Community Resources Office, Woodland Commons, Second Floor
Telephone: 973-831-3624